Transferable Videorealistic Speech Animation

Image-based videorealistic speech animation achieves significant visual realism at the cost of the collection of a large 5- to 10-minute video corpus from the specific person to be animated. This requirement hinders its use in broad applications, since a large video corpus for a specific person under a controlled recording setup may not be easily obtained. In this paper, we propose a model transfer and adaptation algorithm which allows for a novel person to be animated using only a small video corpus. The algorithm starts with a multidimensional morphable model (MMM) previously trained from a different speaker with a large corpus, and transfers it to the novel speaker with a much smaller corpus. The algorithm consists of 1) a novel matching-by-synthesis algorithm which semi-automatically selects new MMM prototype images from the new video corpus and 2) a novel gradient descent linear regression algorithm which adapts the MMM phoneme models to the data in the novel video corpus. Encouraging experimental results are presented in which a morphable model trained from a performer with a 10-minute corpus is transferred to a novel person using a 15-second movie clip of him as the adaptation video corpus.

Paper & Demo
(Last update: 2005/07/04)

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