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Project - Light Weight Multi-View Capturing



Team Member

HyunJung Kate Shim

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Motivation and Goal

Multi-view images have been important resources to many applications in computer vision. Stereo vision, image-based modeling, light field capturing and panoramic viewing system are active research topics that require multi-view images. This project introduces a multi-view capturing system that uses single camera but multiple mirrors. We place multiple mirrors at arbitrary positions and capture an image of those mirrors. From the image of multiple mirrors, we are able to extract multi-view images of a scene reflected by mirrors. The contribution of this project is to introduce a light weight implementation for multi-view capturing system.

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System Description

We present a light weight multi-view capturing system with single camera and 25 planar mirrors as shown in figure above. We place 25 planar mirrors on clay at arbitrary locations and adjust each mirror to face to the scene. Since clay is deformable, we have three degrees of freedom to adjust mirrors manually. Then, we locate a camera toward mirrors such that a camera aptures mirrors. Therefore, an image of mirrors captured by a camera includes 25 mirror images, each contains the scene reflected by the mirror.

In above figure, we demonstrate the physical model of our mirror array. By placing mirrors within FOV of a camera, we can effectively create corresponding virtual cameras such that they capture the scene at the different viewpoint. In other words, mirror images are equivalent to multi-view images captured by virtual cameras.

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Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Please send them to Kate Shim 

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