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Group Member

Shann Ching Chen
Master. Student

Personal Homepage:

Office: Porter Hall B21
Lab: Porter Hall B6
Phone: 412-268-2528
Fax: 412-268-3890
Mailing Address:
Department of ECE, Carnegie Mellon University,
5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh,
PA 15213-3890

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Research Interests

A protein molecule is made of a long chain of amino acid sequences that fold into a complex three-dimensional structure. It is often the geometrical shapes that determine the protein functions. In molecular biology, researchers use sequence alignment and structure matching to compare the similarity among proteins. Considering proteins as 3D structures, we have developed algorithms to identify geometry-based features to retrieve similar proteins without having to deal with complex chemical characteristics and biological properties. Biologists suggest that, in the next decade a large amount of proteins structures will be derived without knowing its functions. Our work is very promising to help biologists identify the protein functions, which is essential important to drug design and disease prediction. 

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  1. "Retrieval of 3D Protein Structure", S. C. Chen and T. Chen, to appear in ICIP 2002 , Rochester, NY, U.S.A., September 2002.
  2. "Protein Retrieval by Matching 3D Surfaces", S. C. Chen and T. Chen, to appear in GENSIPS 2002 , Raleigh, North Carolina, USA., October 2002.

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