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What's in a Name? First Names as Facial Attributes
First Name Prediction Demo

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This demo predicts possible first names for a face image. When you hear a first name like "Evan", do you imagine a face with a certain appearance? For this demo, we model the statistical relationships between 100 names and 1000's of faces automatically harvested from the web. Classifiers compare the face with the name models, and predicts first names guesses for the face. We don't predict names outside of the 100 modeled names, so think of the algorithm as trying to guess a possible name for the face, instead of trying to guess the actual name. Details can be found in the research paper We do show that our algorithms are correct more than 4 times as often as random chance, and are better than humans at this same task. Other cool applications of this technology include gender and age prediction without gathering manual labels for face images (instead relying on named faces). The demo is based on software written for the project by Huizhong Chen, and this web implementation is by Tong Zhang.

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