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Group Member

Ted Square
Graduate Student

Personal Homepage:

Office: Porter Hall B8
Lab: Porter Hall B6
Phone: 412-268-7102
Fax: 412-268-3890

Mailing Address:
Department of ECE

Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

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Research Interests



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Mobile Camera Array

The Mobile Camera Array

Using a 6x8 array of webcams, the mobile camera array can render virtual, novel views in real time (5-10 fps). A unique advantage of this array is that each camera can move with two degrees of freedom. They can translate horizontally or pan to improve the rendering quality. This mobile camera array opens a wide area of novel research topics.

See the mobile camera array project page for more information!



As computers become more powerful, they facilitate the possibility of more sophisticated and more powerful tracking algorithms. The knowledge gap between the novice and the expert continues to widen. Even for experts, there can be a significant time cost to instantiate an algorithm - even if it is for comparison purposes only. Enter ICTrack. Our goal is two fold. For the novice, we create a flexible interface that the novice can use to manipulate advanced algorithms without having to know the sometimes pedantic details. For the expert, we provide a framework for developing new algorithms and testing them verus existing techniques.

See the ICTrack project page for more information!


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