Face recognition is an active research area in the computer vision community. Classical algorithms like Eigenface and Fisherface are known to provide a robust framework for face recognition, while some recent works address the illumination and orientation invariant recognition. However the recognition of people bonded by kinship using facial images is a marginally explored research field. This has led to computational models of kinship verification.
In this work, we present a computational model for kinship verification using novel feature extraction and selection methods, automatically classifying pairs of face images as "related" or "unrelated" (in terms of kinship). First, we conducted a controlled online search to collect frontal face images of 150 pairs of public figures and celebrities, along with images of their parents or children. Next, we propose and evaluate a set of low-level image features for this classification problem. After selecting the most discriminative inherited facial features, we demonstrate a classification accuracy of 70.67% on a test set of image pairs using K-Nearest-Neighbors. Finally, we present an evaluation of human performance on this problem.


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