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Project - 3D Reassembly


Team Member


Devi Parikh


Worked in collaboration with Rahul Sukthankar and Mei Chen at Intel Research Pittsburgh.

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Motivation and Goal

3D reassembly, the problem of assembling a broken solid object given a collection of its parts, forms an important component of several real-world applications including molecular biology, archeology and spacecraft post-crash failure-analysis, scenarios for which are depicted below:

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Despite its broad applicability, computer-aided 3D reassembly has been relatively under-explored by the computer vision community.


The figure below illustrates a typical instance of the problem where, given a large number of 3D parts, the goal is to identify those that could be assembled to form a previously unknown object (the cube). 


At the lowest level, a valid solution must ensure that adjacent parts are locally compatible.  At a higher level, one may need to employ domain knowledge to select among multiple candidates that are compatible with a given part.


This work focuses on the former aspect and enables users to interactively specify higher-level preferences. We propose a feature-based approach to determine part compatibility in the context of an interactive 3D reassembly task.


For further details please refer to the publications below.

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    Talk (final summer internship presentation) at Intel Research Pittsburgh, September 2006.

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Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Please send them to Devi Parikh. 

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