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Project - Optimal Watermark Detection


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Motivation and Goal

Copyright protection has gained its attention in the digital age. Watermark or data hiding techniques are proposed to solve this problem. In addition to copyright protection, watermark has a broad range of usages in media authentication, annotation of medical images, etc. Can we build a framework for watermark detection? With such a framework, we want to build an optimal watermark detector.

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General Framework for Watermark Detection: ML detection:

  • With better modeling of the host signals (images), a better detection result can be obtained (Figure 1).

  • With consideration of the use of human visual system in watermarking, we can design a better watermark detector (Figure 2).

Pixel domain DCT domain

Figure 1. Pixel and DCT domain host signal modeling.

Figure 2. Consideration of HVS in watermark detection.

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Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Please send them to Trista Pei-chun Chen

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